Do I get credit for the time a spent out of jail when my probation or parole is revoked in Louisiana?

This is a concept also known as “street time”.  It’s simply the time you spent in society out of jail with restraints placed upon your liberty in the form of probationary conditions.  You do not get credit for the time you served complying with your probated sentence.  So, you can be doing everything correctly and get arrested the last week of your probationary term.  If your probation officer files a warrant for revocation, that will interrupt, or place a “time out” onto the remaining time needed to complete probation.  If this occurs, and your probation is revoked, you will need to go to jail for the entirety of your sentence.  The only “credit” towards that sentence you will receive is the time you spent in jail before being placed on probation and, possibly, the time you spent in jail on the probation hold.

Parole offenders are treated differently.  A new law does give parolees credit for “street time” should they ultimately have their parole revoked.  A revoked parolee is required to serve the remainder of his sentence as of the date of his release on to parole and is given credit for good behavior for the time served on parole as well as the time held in custody awaiting revocation.

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