“Having worked with Beau Brock for several years, I am always impressed with his depth of knowledge and legal expertise. His experience in environmental law and connections in the community are great assets.”

“Mr. Brock knows his way around the court house in Baton Rouge. His past experience as a prosecutor and his many friends in the system make him a good man to have on your side.”

“I have worked with Beau Brock as a consultant and was impressed with his knowledge of environmental regulations and state and federal criminal court systems. He is very attentive and dedicated to his clients. Beau’s background with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and criminal law provides clients with unique and effective representation.”

Beau James Brock

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Beau was born in New Orleans and lived in Slidell until moving to Apple Valley, Minnesota, where his family moved until he graduated from high school. He returned to Louisiana in 1984 to attend L.S.U. and then law school at the L.S.U. Law Center. After graduating law school in 1991, he began his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney with East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney’s office during the Doug Moreau administration. During his tenure from October 1991 to March 1999, cumulatively, while handling over 2000 cases, he prosecuted fifty-three (53) felony jury trials without fail with sixteen (16) of his prosecutions resulting in mandatory life imprisonment sentences and three (3) death penalty sentences.

After being advanced from his initial position of misdemeanor prosecutor to felony prosecutor in March 1993, he was transferred to the District Attorney’s Sex Crimes Division where he worked until September 1994. In October 1994, he was moved to Felony Trial Section II with the bulk of the cases then handled by him involving crimes of violence including murder, rape, juvenile sex crimes, robbery, burglary, and kidnapping. From his first day in the office, in addition to his regular docket, he also prosecuted environmental crimes beginning in 1991 and was named the Environmental Crimes Chief for the office acting in that capacity from 1996 until leaving the office.

In March 1999, Brock began working for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the Regional Criminal Enforcement Counsel (RCEC) for the Baton Rouge Resident office for EPA Region VI. In this capacity, he acted as sole in-house counsel in Louisiana for the enforcement of Federal environmental crimes and worked in concert with EPA-CID agents in the investigative process. He was also appointed Special Assistant United States Attorney (SAUSA) on January 18, 2000, for a one (1) year term, in the Federal Middle District of Louisiana, and re-appointed SAUSA for two (2) other one year terms extended until January 17, 2003, and worked on environmental criminal prosecution teams in the Federal Middle District during that time. He was also appointed SAUSA, in the Eastern District of Texas, in October 2007 through October 2008 on an environmental criminal case. Finally, he was also appointed a Special Assistant District Attorney in Iberville Parish and seated and oversaw the first grand jury in state history to hear exclusively environmental criminal matters.

He was appointed Assistant to the Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) by then incoming LDEQ Secretary Dr. Harold “Hal” Leggett, February 11, 2008, and reappointed by his successor, Secretary Peggy Hatch, in January 2010. As such, he performed duties in environmental law and policy as a member of the Secretary’s Executive Staff and acted as a key problem solver for the Secretary and his/her staff. His areas of concern involved the breadth and depth of the entire agency and, at times, included project management and supervision of large groups of employees for specialized and limited terms when called upon by the Secretary. In particular, he was designated Hurricane Gustav and Ike Coordinator for the agency in handling non-Incident Command and control issues and hurricane debris management under the direction of the Assistant Secretary of Office of Environmental Services. He regularly coordinated with state-wide and locally elected officials, trade associations, and environmental groups in order to effectively communicate and implement the policies of the department. He managed the LDEQ-Criminal Investigation Division, and completely remodeled its organizational structure and renewed its integrity and mission capability. He led the planning and implementation of the inaugural LDEQ Green Business Expo in August 2010 which proved highly successful for our state.

On August 10, 2010, he was selected by LDEQ Secretary Hatch and appointed by Governor Jindal, to serve as Assistant Secretary for the Office of Environmental Compliance (OEC) at LDEQ. As OEC Assistant Secretary, he is responsible for administering the Civil Enforcement, Surveillance, Emergency Response & Radiation, Air Quality Assessment, and Water Assessment Divisions. In this position, he led several successful initiatives for the department such as the Municipal Sewer Assistance Program, Field Compliance Order plan, development of a new complaint policy, the initiation of the “Cleanfields” program, and the “green thumb” application of the Louisiana Modernization tax credit for pro-active environmental emission reductions, in conjunction with the LED. As Assistant Secretary, Brock was responsible for managing a staff of 432 employees at LDEQ. He resigned this position to join the firm effective, January 21, 2011 and began with the firm on January 24, 2011.

Beau lives in Sherwood Forest subdivision, in Baton Rouge, with his family since 1993. He and his wife Caroline Gunn Brock have five children, Katie (19), a sophomore at the United States Air Force Academy; Lauren (17), a senior at St. Joseph’s Academy; Travis (12), a sixth grader at St. Thomas More; James (10), a fourth grader at St. Thomas More; and Tommy (7), a second grader at St. Thomas More. He is a member of St Thomas More Catholic Church and serves on the boards of Aquinas League and Greater Baton Rouge Community Tennis Association.

Areas of Practice


Criminal Defense

  • Environmental Criminal Law
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Crimes of Violence
  • DWI

Environmental Law & Policy

Personal Injury

Governmental Relations

Bar Admissions

Louisiana State Bar Association – October 11, 1991.

Federal Middle District of Louisiana – February 1, 2000.


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  • Prosecuting Environmental Crimes manual for Louisiana District Attorneys Association and Southern Environmental Enforcement Network continuing education seminar; (March 26, 1993) Managing Editor.
  • Prosecuting Environmental Crimes manual for Louisiana District Attorneys Association and Southern Environmental Enforcement Network continuing education seminar; (1994) Managing Editor.

Representative Cases

State of Louisiana v. Frank Ford Cosey

State of Louisiana v. Quincy Broaden

State of Louisiana v. David Bowie

State of Louisiana v. Johnny Williams

State of Louisiana v. Eugene Holmes

State of Louisiana v. Kevin Christy

United States v. Discovery Aluminas, et al

United States v. PCS Nitrogen, et al

United States v. SELA

Professional Associations and Memberships

Louisiana Bar Association

Baton Rouge Bar Association

Dean Henry George McMahon American Inn of Court

Baton Rouge Association of Women Attorneys (Associate Member)

Aquinas League

Greater Baton Rouge Community Tennis Association

Classes/Seminars Taught

Mr. Brock has given over one hundred presentations and lectures to legal, community, and other professional organizations in seminars and classes in Louisiana and other states. His primary areas of expertise are in criminal law, environmental criminal law, professionalism, and litigation.

Honors, Awards, and Appointments

Louisiana Tennis Association Special Event of the Year – 2010.

Southern Tennis Association Charity Event of the Year – 2009.

Louisiana Tennis Association Team Tennis Event of the Year – 2009.

On the Spot Award from EPA Region VI – October 2007.

Louisiana Tennis Association Organization of the Year – 2007.

Louisiana Tennis Association Charity Event of the Year – 2007.

Elected to Board position of Publicity/Parliamentarian for Dean Henry George Chapter of the American Inns of Court for 2007-08 term in June 2007 and 2009-2010 term in June 2009.

QSI award from EPA Region VI – June 2007.

Southern Tennis Association Team Tennis Event of the Year – 2006.

Louisiana Tennis Association Charity Event of the Year – 2006

Louisiana Tennis Association Team Tennis Event of the Year – 2006.

Louisiana Tennis Association Charity Event of the Year – 2005.

Louisiana Tennis Association Charity Event of the Year – 2004.

Bronze Medal from EPA OCEFT – June 2004.

Louisiana Tennis Association Co-Charity Event of the Year – 2003.

Superior Accomplishment Recognition Award from E.P.A. Region VI – July 2003.

Superior Accomplishment Recognition Team Award from E.P.A.-C.I.D. HQ – August 2002.

Superior Accomplishment Recognition Award from E.P.A. Region VI – August 2002.

Bronze Medal from EPA Region VI – June 2002.

2001 President’s Award from the Baton Rouge Bar Association – January 2002.

Defender of the Environment Award from LEAN – November 2001.

Bronze Medal from EPA Region VI – September 2001.

On the Spot Award from EPA Region VI – June 2001.

On the Spot Award from EPA Region VI – March 2001.

On the Spot Award from NETI-FLETC Office – September 2000.

Superior Accomplishment Recognition Award from E.P.A. Region VI – August 2000.

St. Thomas More Pastoral Council, Young Man-at-Large seat, on May 28, 2000, for a two (2) year term.

E.P.A. Region VI Just Do It Award – January 2000

Elected to Young Lawyer Council of the Baton Rouge Bar Association, Young Lawyers Section, 1998 and 1999.

Elected President of the Sherwood Forest Civic Association 2000 & 2001; Vice-President Sherwood Forest Civic Association, 1999; Appointed Secretary of the Sherwood Forest Civic Association, 1998.

Elected Secretary of the Aquatic Club of Baton Rouge 2000.

1997 Public Service Award by the American Bar Association’s National Association of Bar Executives and LEXIS-NEXIS for Bar Associations in our size category as a member of Baton Rouge Bar Association’s Volunteer Committee.

Past Employment Positions

East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office (October 1991-March 1999)

United States Environmental Protection Agency (March 1999-February 2008)

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (February 2008-January 2011)

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