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If we represent you, we can serve as a buffer between you and law enforcement.  This prevents them from harassing you or trying to get you to say something they can use later in court.

If you have an arrest warrant, we can contact the proper agency and negotiate your surrender.  We can also secure the lowest possible bond.

Therefore, you won’t have to fear being arrested in the middle of the night or hauled away from work in handcuffs. 


Early intervention by skilled trial lawyers often results with a lesser charge than the arrest offense. Sometimes, it results in a complete dismissal. We contract the District Attorney as soon as possible, letting them know we represent you.


When meeting with the judge, we request affordable bail. If it’s set too high, we can schedule a hearing to get it lowered.  We also help your family through the procedure of getting a sign out or property bond. 


If you’re arrested for a DWI, we can fight with the DMV to prevent the suspension of your license.  If it is suspended, we can advise you on how to obtain a hardship license.  


In some cases, we can ask for a probation of parole bond to be set.  We will also contact your probation and parole officer to see if anything can be done to obtain your release from jail. If you’re in jail on a new arrest, we make efforts to make sure there’s no revocation. 


If you are serving a jail sentence, we can make sure your sentencing calculations are accurate. Once you become eligible, we can also assist you in your efforts of entering into a work release program.


Some lawyers will try to force you to take a plea bargain – even for something you didn’t do.  They may pressure you into “ratting” on friends.  We won’t.  If you choose to go to trial, we’re prepared to “go to the mat” for you. 


Even after your trial, the fight continues.  We can review your trial and pre-trial proceedings for any rulings or errors that justify a new trial. We can also develop and present new evidence for a post conviction relief application.


While we do love our work, we don’t like “repeat customers.” We want you to succeed.  If you have a drug problem, we can help get you into rehab.  If convicted, we may be able to find ways to expunge your conviction. 


We realize your life and liberty are at stake, and we take nothing for granted. We will provide every bit of information you need, help you understand your legal rights, and the consequences of every decision you make.