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Environmental law is a collective phrase describing international treaties (conventions), statutes, regulations, and common law or national legislation (where applicable) that operates to regulate the interaction of humanity and the natural environment, toward the purpose of reducing the impact of human activity.

The topic may be separated into two major subjects: remediation and pollution control, and resource conservation, individual exhaustion. The limitations and expenses that such laws may impose on commerce, and the often unquantifiable (non-monetized) benefit of environmental protection, have generated and continue to generate significant controversy.

Given the sweeping scope of environmental law, no fully definitive list of environmental laws is possible. 

Here is how MANASSEH, GILL, KNIPE & BÉLANGER can help you:

  1. We can assist you and your company in dealing with the consequences of a criminal investigation should you be targeted by the government
  2. We can assist you and your company in defending a civil non-compliance and notice of potential penalties issued by LDEQ.
  3. We can help you recover damages for the pollution or environmental harm caused to your property by someone else.
  4. We can assist you in obtaining the necessary Clean Water and Clean Air permits required by EPA and LDEQ
  5. We work with teams on remediation plans in the event you own polluted property or have damaged another’s property