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The Role Of Epidural Injections

Lumbar X -ray 2


The torquing of the spine during a car wreck is a common cause of injury. Sometimes rest and minimal, noninvasive, treatment will be all that is necessary to heal. For others, the pain lingers and they desire surgical intervention to end the agony. In most case, prior to surgery, doctors will require epidural steroid injections over a period of time to see if the pain can be adequately managed. Although not considered a surgery, this alternative treatment is a steroid injection to help reduce swelling and pain. Often times, this is enough to relive the pain from injury, however, it’s usually the initial treatment and if it doesn’t work, surgery or other interventions may be needed.


Back pain is a real consequence of injury or car accidents no matter the circumstances or who is at fault. Because the back is at the core of the body, surgery is often needed to treat the injury and relieve the pain. Some surgeries result in structural changes of the spine and many require a recovery period. Some may require additional physical therapy to improve strength, flexibility, and overall functionality; and in some cases, one surgery may not be enough. Because the back is so large, the variables and responses vary by person and injury severity, so it is always important to seek and follow doctor advice.