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We Handle Environmental Crimes

Environmental Criminal Defense – The best defense is a GOOD offense!

We have been fortunate to represent both corporations and individuals when they are confronted by the Government in environmental criminal investigations.  We have been highly successful in these efforts by aggressively investigating and answering allegations which Federal Agents have run with, at times, without complete review and verification.  To speak plainly, when criminal investigators are ferreting around your business, they are not there to “help” you.  This is not what you may be used to when you have dealt previously with civil regulators.  A criminal investigator’s sole purpose is to take criminal leads, open criminal cases, refer criminal cases to prosecutors and to seek arrests and indictments on investigations which may warrant them.  When a criminal investigator surfaces and you discover them on your horizon, immediate counter-measures must be engaged, or the risk of receiving a torpedo under your water line, and thus your bottom line, becomes a daily (and nightly) anxiety. 

We have been able to protect our clients’ vast assets and good will they have earned in their industries and the communities they serve by adopting a straight forward and multi-faceted approach designed to rapidly deploy our resources for them.  Our success is our clients’ success and protecting them from criminal indictment and highly damaging reports in the media due to these investigations have been hallmarks of our representation.  Our decades of experience in environmental criminal investigations on both the Federal and State level enable us to quickly identify legal vulnerabilities and shore up those areas as well as assist our clients in making remedial measures which have also worked to de-escalate criminal investigators’ and prosecutors’ zeal.

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