What is an 894 Plea in Louisiana?

“894” is simply the code of criminal procedure article that allows for a misdemeanor conviction to be expunged after successfully completing probation.  So the term “894 plea” simply means you are pleading guilty to a misdemeanor with an expungement opportunity.  Under article 894, a guilty plea conviction can be set aside and the prosecution dismissed after the conclusion of the probationary period when the probationary conditions are satisfied; there are no new convictions; and no new arrests pending against the probationer.  A conviction set aside under article 894 has the same civil effects as an acquittal but can be used as a prior conviction for any habitual offender or statutory enhancements available on a new arrest and prosecution.  As a general rule, article 894 can be used every 5 years unless it is for a DWI.  In that case, it can be used every 10 years.

Andre Belanger

Andre Belanger


André Bélanger, a graduate of Loyola University, is a highly-respected criminal defense attorney serving the people of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and surrounding areas of Ascension Parish and New Orleans, for one of Baton Rouge’s top-25 law firms. In his 15 years of practicing law, Mr. Bélanger has handled thousands of criminal cases at both the pre-trial and trial stage, including approximately 200 trials. This trial experience includes homicide defense and prosecution, large drug conspiracies and fraud cases making Bélanger one of the few attorneys capable of handling even the largest, most complex federal cases. https://manassehandgill.com/andre-belanger/

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