PTI and Diversion are tools used by various District Attorneys to forego prosecuting first offenders of non-violent crimes. Typically, these programs require a period of monitoring, some classes, and a nominal supervision fee. But, upon completing the program, pending charges are dismissed. In other words, there isn’t a conviction on your record. If you’ve been arrested and are interested in a PTI or Diversion Program, please contact us so we can assist in getting you screened for admission.

André Bélanger, a graduate of Loyola University, is a highly-respected criminal defense attorney serving the people of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and surrounding areas of Ascension Parish and New Orleans, for one of Baton Rouge’s top-25 law firms. In his 18 years of practicing law, Mr. Bélanger has handled thousands of criminal cases at both the pre-trial and trial stage, including approximately 200 trials. This trial experience includes homicide defense and prosecution, large drug conspiracies and fraud cases making Bélanger one of the few attorneys capable of handling even the largest, most complex federal cases. Having spent years devoted to developing a top-tier regional law practice for federal court and state court litigation, Mr. Bélanger is admitted to practicing law in all federal courts in both Louisiana, Mississippi, the United States Supreme Court and the U. S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.