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Yigal Bander to Discuss Women’s Participation in Politics at LSU Symposium

Yigal Bander  will participate in a discussion of challenges women face when seeking elective office, part of the LSU Breaux Symposium: Politicking While Female. 

Bander will be part of a panel discussing “The Gendered Political Environment: How Louisiana’s Ethics Board Childcare Debacle Exemplifies the Challenges to Politicking While Female”.  

Last month Bander testified on behalf of a candidate for a state House seat who successfully appealed a Louisiana Ethics Board decision denying her the right to use campaign funds for childcare during campaign events.  

“Additional child care that is for the sole purpose of allowing a candidate to attend campaign functions may be a personal use, but it’s a personal use related to a political campaign,” Bander said, as quoted in The Advocate newspaper.

The candidate appealed to the state Ethics Board arguing that reasonable childcare expenses are a legitimate campaign expense and since 2000 the board previously had allowed male candidates to use campaign funds for the same purpose.   

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Super Lawyers 2019 Includes Four at Manasseh, Gill, Knipe & Bélanger

Andre Bélanger, John Di GiulioWilliam Robert Gill,  and James G. Knipe III named to the 2019 Louisiana edition of Super Lawyers.

Bélanger and Gill have been recognized by Super Lawyers every year since 2015. Veteran defense attorney Di Giulio  was selected for the list from  2010 through 2013 and  again in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Knipe was named a Rising Star 2013 and 2014. More


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